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The iTero Scanner and how it benefits our patients


The iTero Intra oral Scanner is a handheld digital scanner that has revolutionized the way we can take your dental impressions. Accurate impressions are required for a full range of dental procedures including crowns, dentures, implants, invisalign,  and veneers.

It helps to understand what dental impressions are like without it the iTero scanner. Traditionally, patients bite down on a tray of cold, wet and gooey cement in order to recreate a model of the teeth and surrounding oral structures. Not only is this messy and uncomfortable (some patients even gag), but traditional impressions like this are not always that accurate and often need to be redone. 

The iTero device is a highly valuable tool that, when placed in your mouth, can capture numerous images of your entire oral cavity to create a digital 3D model of your teeth and bite in a matter of seconds. The digital image can be projected on a chair side screen for ideal patient education and a preview into what your treatment outcome can look like.

The Itero also has innovative technology like Near-Infrared Technology (NIRI) to aid in cavity detection above the gingiva.



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